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TROPHY #1 €100.000 GTD Final Day – Live Update

We have a deal!!!
Vergas Paraskevas is the big winner of TRORHY#1 for 27.000€!!!
Misailidis Kostas in the second place for 24.975€!!!






3rd place for Mudric Davor who collected 14.000 €.




Gkampaeridis Nikos eliminated in 5th place for 8.205 € and Stevan Glavicic in 4th place for 10.460 €


5 players left and discussions started for making a deal. Finally the game continues with no deal.


Ushe Dorjan eliminated in 6th place for 6.115 €



Tarpanis Marios eliminated in 7th place for 4.505 €


Round 30 80.000/160.000/160.000 1 hour blind level

We have already the first two eliminations of the final table. Nikos Giannopoulos (photo 1) 9th place for 2.735 € and Stefanovski Martin 8th for 3.540 €



The final table has already started. Players are ready to claim the great prize!!!

1.Vergas Paraskevas – 5.900.000

2.Glavicic Stevan – 4.700.000

3.Giannopoulos Nikos – 4.100.000

4.Mudric Davor – 2.870.000

5.Tarpanis Marios – 2.200.000

6.Misailidis Kostas – 2.100.000

7.Stefanovski Martin – 1.690.000

8.Gkampaeridis Nikos – 1.600.000

9.Ushe Dorjan – 1.200.000


The bubble for the final table busted

Charitidis Anastasios (photo) eliminated in 10th place for 2.250€. We have the last 9 players who compose the final table. Τhe preparations for the final table have already started. We are back in a few minutes with the final 9 players.




Round 29 60.000/120.000/120.000

Vergas Paraskevas is still the chipleader of the final ten players, with 6.100.000 chips.

Round 28 50.000/100.000/100.000

Cvetovic Andrija (photo 1) in 12th place, Kazakopoulos Panagiotis (photo 2) in 11th  place for 2.250€ Round 28 50.000/100.000/100.000

We are in bubble to Final Table!!!



Dimov Dejan (photo 1) in 14th place and in 13th Kourous Dimitris (photo 2)  for 1.770€

Next pay jump 10th-12th place: 2.250€


Round 27 40.000/80.000/80.000

Vergas Paraskevas (photo 1) is leading the chip count with 3.300.000 chips after wining a triple all in, doubling up against Stefanovski Martin and eliminating in the 15th place Mantonanakis Ioannis (photo 2)

The hand: Mantonanakis shoved with 44, Stefanovski re-shoved with KK and Vergas called with TT. The flop came 389, turn came J and a Q on the river gave the pot to Vergas.


Round 27 40.000/80.000/80.000

Side Event just started with 84 enties!

€5.000 GTD + 10 tickets for ASOP#7


18th place for Pechlivanis Vaios (photo 1), 17th place for Pomonis Nikos (photo 2) and Papadopoulos Nikos in 16th place for 1.445€

Lext pay jump 13th-15th place: 1.770€


Round 26 30.000/60.000/60.000

Andreev Petarin 22nd place, Simopoulos Giorgos (photo 1) in 21st, Avramidis Symeonin in 20th place and Mandev Rosenov in 19th for 1.125€

Lext pay jump 16th-18th place: 1.445€


Tsetanov Martin (photo 1) in 23rd place for 1.125€


26th place for Novovic Bosko, 25th place for Gkatzas Dimitris (photo) and Traijkovski Aleksandar 24th for 1.125€


Round 25 25.000/50.000/50.000

Stefanovski Martin (photo 1) is leading the chip count at the moment with 1.900.000 chips followed by Ushe Dorjan (photo 2) with 1.800.000 chips. Third runner up is Kourous Dimitris with 1.500.000 chips.

Gkalipidis Christos (photo 3) in 27th place for 1.125€



Round 24 20.000/40.000/40.000

Tastanis Michail (photo) in 29th place and Koychev Ivan in 28th place for 965€. Next payjump 27th place for 1.125€


Round 23 15.000/30.000/30.000 just ended and we have a 20 minutes break.

During the level we had 10 more eliminations: Kapourtzoudis Charalampos in 39th place, 38th Vlachos Andreas and Kaffes Athanasios in 37th place, earning 800€ each.

Mimikopoulos Konstantinos , Bozhinoski Simon, Yordanov Kiril, Dumanikj Dalibor, Saveski Ilija, Tsenos Christos and Antonioy Pantelis finished in places 36 to 30 for 965€ each.



Double up for Trajkovski Aleksandar

Aleksandar got his stack of 600.000 chips all in pre flop with KQ and Stevan Glavicic called with TT. Flop showed TKQ, turn was K and changed everything. Trajkovski doubled up and now has 1.200.000 chips.


Round 22 10.000/25.000/25.000

46th place for Gjurevski Daniel and 720€

Pay jump for Radonjic Danilo finishing in the 45th place, Lybomir Atnasavo in the 44th, Kapitsinis Stavros in 43rd, Kuch Samir in 42nd, Gkanatsios Athanasios in 41st and Dimitrov Aleks in 40th place, all for 800€. 39 players continue…


Eliminations in fast forward!

52 place for Artemis Fournaris (photo), Damaris Fotis in 51st place, Sgourakis Giorgos in 50th place, Drosos Stelios in the 49th, Trajanov Nikola in 48th place and Gannis Alkis in 47th all winning 720€



55 place for Trajkovski Ilijan (photo 1), Savvas Theofilos in 54th place and Agis Mouzas in 53th place, all winning 720€


Round 21 10.000/20.000/20.000

The bubble just burst, with ”barman” player being the unlucky one who left the field empty-handed.

We are now In The Money


TROPHY#1 €100.000 GTD

Main Event Final Day

Today ends the beginning of a new poker age for Apollonia Casino!!!

The busted guarantee exceeded all expectations…160.960!!!

Thank you all for making Apollonia Casino the best Poker Room.

We promise you greatest events, new poker area, bigger prizes…. all for you…the Poker Players… because… the  Game belongs to the Players!

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