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Germany is the winner of WSOP 2019 Main Event in taxation with $4.606.469!!!


The WSOP 2019 Main Event has just come to an end and $ 30.825.000 has been distributed to the players alone at the final table. As great as it looks at first sight you should have in mind that depending on the player’s country, the tax office still receives a great share of the profit.

Hossein Ensan might won the first place for $10.000.000 but Germany’s tax office was the real winner since $4.606.469 of Ensan’s prize was dedacted for taxes.

So, as far as countries participation on the final table is concerned, Germany, Italy, Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Serbia won $11.972.653 in total, with United Kingdom being in the 6th place for $0 income since there is no taxation!

Considering all that, you should understand why many professional players decide to change country. After all…Poker is a great game, but when it comes to taxes…

Here you can see the actual prizes after tax of the final table

Position Player Winnings After Tax
1. Hossein Ensan – Germany $10.000.000 $5.393.531
2. Dario Sammartino – Italy $6.000.000 $3.427.650
3. Alex Livingston – Canada $4.000.000 $2.800.00
4. Garry Gates – United States $3.000.000 $1.949.187
5. Kevin Maahs – United States $2.200.000 $1.329.271
6. Zhen Cai – United States $1.850.000 $1.143.321
7. Nick Marchington – United Kingdom $1.525.000 $1.525.000
8. Timothy Su – United States $1.250.000 $758.850
9. Milos Skrbic – Serbia $1.000.000 $525.537

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