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TDA New poker rules!


 No face cover, dealer must announce all bet sizes and ‘ante first’ instead of big blind under new guidelines by the TDA. 

Last week the Tournament Directors Association (TDA) summit took place in Las Vegas, where poker operators from around the world meet up to discuss the streamlining of their rules.


No Face Cover!

Maybe the headline change agreed this year would be the banning of face masks at the poker table. Some players cover up their faces or a part of it in order not to give poker tells, but the new rule is that:

Clothing or other accoutrements must not continuously obscure player identity or become a distraction to the game.


The dealer must announce bet sizes! 

The most controversial change, however, may be the new ruling that dealers must announce all bet sizes. Until now, the dealer has to say ‘bet/raise or all-in’ and the player facing the bet has to ask for a count. This new ruling has been argued to both make the game faster and smoother for casual players, as well as helping to keep dealers more engaged. However, some professional players did not welcome the new rule because they believe they have an edge over inexperienced players not well versed with counting chips.


“Ante” first rather than “big blind” 

Afte the “big blind ante” rule was applied there were a dispute about whether ante or big blind obligation comes first. Eventually the TDA decided that the “ante obligation” comes first!


One rule change that has been shelved for the next TDA summit is whether players should be forced to stack their chips in piles of 20 in order to make counting stacks easier for everyone at the table. It was argued that it would make it too much work for the dealer, because every rule has a penalty for those who do not comply, so the dealer should remind every player for the new rule, or give one round penalty every time, something that will stole the game ruther fasten it up. 

The next Tournament Director Association Summit will take place in 2021.

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